• 美國BernzOmatic高溫工業焊槍/高溫火槍 TS7000

  • Auto start/stop ignition easily ignites and extinguishes flame
  • Ultra swirl flame provides maximum heat output for large diameter soldering, brazing, heat treating and light welding
  • For best results, use with MAP-Pro fuel, such as the Bernzomatic 14.1 oz. MAP-Pro Hand Torch Cylinder
  • Cast aluminum body construction for durability
  • Pressure regulated for consistent performance when tilted or momentarily inverted
  • Adjustable flame control easily sizes flame for different applications
  • Run-lock button keeps torch lit for continuous use
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Brazing
  • Heat treating
  • Large diameter soldering
  • Light welding

美國BernzOmatic高溫工業焊槍/高溫火槍 TS7000

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